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Home ACs have one job which is to keep you comfortable when the weather outside cannot. If your AC doesn't do this it might be time for an AC Recharge. At Liberty Air we are sure you've heard the advice to keep your filters changed every 90 days, keep them cleaned and to have a smart thermostat, but did you know that your air conditioners also need to be recharged? Not many people know that. Keep reading and you will learn all you need to know about recharging your home AC. 

What Is A Recharge?

While it should be called a refilling, a Freon recharge doesn't actually include electricity until you have turned the system back on and all necessary repairs have been performed. Your air conditioning unit works by pulling the heat out of the air. Once the heat has been removed, it is ready to go into the compressor, this is where the refrigerant comes into play. If there is no refrigerant, there will be no transfer of heat. So the purpose of a recharge is just a refilling of the refrigerant into the system. 

It is important to keep in mind that it is highly recommended that you have an HVAC company such as Liberty Air professionally perform this maintenance. There aren't laws that regulate what a homeowner can do with their own air conditioner. There are in fact laws that require professional certification by the EPA and state / local regulations that regard licenses and professional standards for people doing this work. Also, refrigeration supply companies will not sell refrigerants to unlicensed individuals, and purchase of them may be illegal if you are not licensed. 

So while it may seem like a simple procedure, it is highly recommended that you have a professional perform this maintenance for your home as it can be highly dangerous if done improperly. 

Signs You Need A Freon Recharge:

Your Air Conditioner is built to not lose refrigerant, it should actually last longer than the AC system itself. The most common cause for a recharge is a leak, but how do you know if you have a leak? Like most homeowners, we will assume you don't check your system daily to notice anything unusual. The signs that you might have a leak include the following:

Your Vents Blow Room Temperature Air: This is the first sign that you will need a recharge. This could also mean that you need a new thermostat, but over time you will notice that the cool air you initially felt coming out of your vent will decrease over time. As your AC runs out of refrigerant, your air temperature will rise in your home. 

Your Unit Is Frozen: Even if you live in Arendelle, you don't want to be frozen! We suggest that you "let us go" check out your unit. One of the signs that you have a leak is seeing a buildup of frost/ice on the unit. if you have ever looked into the front of a window unit, you'll see that everything seems frosted over. That is because this is where the refrigerant flows through, the refrigerant will literally freeze nearly everything it touches. The pipes inside are built to withstand the refrigerant and bring it around the system, but if there is a leak you'll be able to see frost all over your system.

You Don't Regularly Maintain Your System: It's recommended to have your unit inspected yearly to make sure everything is working properly. A lot of homeowners are skeptical on recharges, but if your system is regularly checked a good HVAC specialist can detect and repair a leak and if necessary recharge your system.

If any of those signs seem like something you are experiencing, call Liberty Air today and let us take a look. If you have any questions about the process, don't hesitate to give us a call

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